Gao Hong  

Chinese Pipa Soloist and Composer






Hunting Eagles Catching Swans

Music for Chinese pipa featuring pipa master Lin Shicheng and Gao Hong


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excerpts from the CD

Hunting Eagles Catching Swans- Lin Shicheng
Chen Xingyuan - Gao Hong
Xingjie - Lin Shicheng and Gao Hong

1. Three Six (Pipa Duet, Gao Hong, Pipa part 1,Lin Shicheng, Pipa part 2)

2.Autumn Thoughts (Lin Shecheng solo)

3. Dragon Boat (Gao Hong solo)

4. Chen Xingyuan Placates the Tribesmen (Gao Hong solo)

5. King Xiang Yu Takes Off His Armor (Gao Hong solo)

6. Xing Jie Si He (Pipa Duet, Lin Shicheng, Pipa part 1,

Gao Hong, Pipa part 2)

7. The Ambush in All Directions (Lin Shicheng solo)

8. Wild Geese Alighting on the Sandy Beach (Gao Hong solo)

9. Hunting Eagles catching Swans (Lin Shicheng solo)

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CD Reviews:

"...such excellent performances...They allow us to enjoy not only the distinguished Pudong pipa style,but also the beauty of traditional Chinese music in general"
- Journal of the Association for Chinese Music Research

" of the finest pipa CDs to appear in recent years...Magnificent playing, truly radiant..."
- Journal of the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research

"This splendid collection of virtuosi pipa playing is highly recommended."
- Sing Out!

“Whether you're already familiar with the Chinese pipa or are looking to discover something new, this gorgeous album, "Hunting Eagles Catching Swans," performed by the definitive master of the Pudong style, Lin Shicheng, and his best student, Gao Hong, is a perfect opportunity to soak in the beauty of this music. With extreme delicacy and agility, finesse and energy, this instrument mesmerizes and enchants. The completeness of its voice is honorably represented by these two brilliant and passionate performers. A most notable album.”
- CD Baby

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