Rao and Gao Duo



What People Are Saying About Gao Hong's

Cross-Culture Collaborations


"Gao Hong creates traditional music for an imaginary nation: a jazzed-up country that is part Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and southern California. As you might imagine, it's a nation where everyone gets along quite nicely and the food rocks. 

The leader of this new country would be Gao Hong; she plays the pipa, (pronounced PEE pah) a four-stringed pear-shaped lute, that can play a huge variety of sounds. She is a master performer of this instrument, a native of China, and a familiar face on the international concert scene. She has brought along some amazing friends to help build this sound: India's legendary Shubhendra Rao, percussionist/tabla magician Ty Burhoe, flute virtuoso James Newton, and Japanese master shakuhachi player Yoshio Kurahashi. If you don't know these names, well, they are a dream-team. 

The music within the disc (Flying Dragon) is some of the most innovative world music of the last 10 years."


About the Rao and Gao Duo

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"This is one of the greatest cross-cultural performances I have ever seen. It is clear that the performers put great seriousness, care, and time into the preparation of this performance."


"A perfect fusion of 2 of the greatest civilizations of the World."


"Very emotional and all responses appropriate - beauty incarnate! Many thanks"


"makes me feel real good to know music can bridge different races. everytime i watch this, i take a very deep breath."


"superb talent all around. even more confidence booster to witness 3 races of major differences to come together to speak one language of music."


"wow this is truly brilliant! fantastic! i totally love it!"


"wow. don't you wish there was more of this and less war?"


"Absolutely extraordinary!!!"


"wow,, that is truly incredible"


"看完后, 我对中国的什么琵琶演奏名家为之汗颜, 中国琵琶要到国外才有这样精采的 Mix, 中国五千年文化太沈重, 抱残守缺, 了无新意, greatest performances"