Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble
Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble (Please click the photo to watch the video)

Carleton World Chamber Music Ensemble
Carleton GlobalChamber Music Ensemble (Please click the photo to watch the video)

String Quartet
String Quartet

Guzheng Ensemble
Guzheng Ensemble (Please click the photo to watch the video)

Carleton Ensembles Directed by Gao Hong


Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble Members:


笛子Dizi: Yanhan Lyu, Yijun Wang
箫Xiao: Xinying Liu
二胡Erhu: Benjamin Lee (Rochester High School Student), Yuedong Merritt (Visiting Instructor in Chinese),  Xiaomin Wu (Chinese Language Associate), Huahua Zhong
琵琶Pipa: Yue Jin
中阮Zhongruan: Gus Holley, Yue Wu
古筝Guzheng: Shatian Wang, Haoyi Wang, Vicky Wu, Amber Zhang
古琴Guqin: Gege Zhang
大提琴Cello: Emma Grisanzio
吉它Guitar: Zhibo Zhang
打击乐Percussion: Serafina Chen, Kewei Yu
指挥Conductor: Jin Lee

Combo groups
Guzheng Ensemble: Qiyuan Hu, Shatian Wang, Yijun Wang, Haoyi Wang, Vicky Wu, Amber Zhang
Korean Drum Ensemble:  (I will give you the roster shortly)

Pipa: Moliang Jiang Zhong Ruan: Sijin Chen
Guqin: Gege Zhang Yangqin: Vianne Gao
Erhu: Yuedong Merritt, Chen Yang, Huahua Zhong
Guzheng: Qiyuan Hu, Heqing Huang, Shatian Wang, Yijun Wang, Vicky Wu
Dizi/Xiao/Hulusi: Mina Lor, Candy Hiu Ching Tong, Yijun Wang
Violin: Camille Braun, Jin Lee, Michelle Marinello, Zhilu Zhang
Cello: Emma Grisanzio Piano: Tina Liu Accordin: Zi Ming

Carleton World Music Chamber Ensemble Members:
Violin/Oud: Camille Braun
Cello: Emma Grisanzio
Guitar: Douglas Totten
Piano: Moliang Jiang
Voice/Percussion: Agnes Tse
Guzhong: Vicky Wu

About Us
The Carleton Chinese Music Ensemble, under the direction of Gao Hong, was established ten years ago and has since performed to much acclaim at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Mall of America, University of Minnesota, The Confucius Institute’s China Day 2010 event at Northrop Auditorium, the National Conference for Silk Road Scholars at the University of Minnesota, The ASIANetwork 22nd Annual Conference in Chicago IL, the Organization of Chinese Americans’ annual Chinese New Year Celebration, Winona State University, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, the Land O'Lakes Company's Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Concert Series, The Shubert Club's new concert serie Cocktails with Culture, the Flint Hill International Children’s Festival presented by Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, and the Chinese Minghua Language School in St. Paul. Locally they performed the inaugural performance for Northfield Library’s Carnegie Concert Series, at St Oalf College, Northfield High School, Northfield Middle School, and Carleton's international festival, gallery openings, and Chinese New Year celebrations. They even appeared on a broadcast on KSTP news for their performance during the Confucius Institute’s opening ceremony at the University of Minnesota.